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Quit Smoking Programme

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What is this?

So you have had enough. You are determined to quit but have tried everything else: patches, gum, medication – you have even tried going cold turkey !! Now you have decided that hypnotherapy is your last hope to become nicotine free.

I often ask my Clients the question, ‘Why they didn’t try hypnotherapy first?’

Hypnosis is a very powerful ally in the fight against nicotine addiction and habitual smoking.

What are the benefits?

Various studies throughout the world have shown hypnotherapy to be an extremely effective method to assist people to quit smoking. It has been shown to be a safe and effective method that does not rely on the use of chemicals to overcome those dreadful cravings. The beauty of hypnotherapy as a stop smoking method is that it not only addresses the chemical dependence of smoking, but it also deals with the behavioural / habitual aspects which many smokers find so hard to break.

Reasons to Stop Smoking:

Take back contol
Save money
Become fit and healthy
Do it for your love ones
No longer feeling like an outcast
This is just a sample of all the benefits you will achieve in quitting.

Misconceptions & Truths.

Misconception #1 Hypnotherapy is a form of mind control.
Misconception #2 Only weak minded individuals can be hypnotised.
Misconception #3 You are completely unaware of what is going on when in hypnosis.
Truth #1 In hypnosis you have complete control of your thoughts and senses.
Truth #2 Everyone has the ability to be hypnotised.
Truth #3 In hypnosis you are relaxed but still aware of your surroundings.

Can this help me?

With hypnotherapy help is at hand for everyone !!

The Quit Smoking Programme can assist anyone wishing to finally break free of the habit.

Are you considering Hynotherapy?

Over the many years of running my practice, I have been privileged to have assisted many clients from the Hills area and throughout the country to successfully achieve their goals.  I look forward to assisting many more clients in the years ahead to flourish. 

I look forward to assisting you along your journey to success.