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Many clients that contact me are a little dubious as to whether online sessions could be as effective as face to face.  I can honestly say that online session are just as effective as face to face.  And there are many advantages that online sessions have that face to face cannot match.  Her is just a few that spring to mind.

You can have the session in the comfort of your  own home.  You don't have to travel through traffic.  Find a carspace, find where my office is.  In not having those various things to do you are more relaxed going into the session.

Online sessions are available 7 days a week from 8am-8pm.  If you are like so many others you may work from 9-5pm 6 days a week.  This makes it almost impossible to find a time to do a session.

Distance is no longer a problem.  If you live miles away from anyone you can still book in and use hypnotherapy for a range of issues.

face to face sessions are dearer than online. So it allows you to have sessions more often.

I could continue on but a final advantage is that the feelings of wellbeing and relaxation that occur from a session of hypnotherapy will often be anchored where you receive the session so if that is in your favourite chair at home.  You will be able to sit in that space in the future and feel those pleasant experiences.

So before you disregard online sessions as something that is not for you.  Please give me a call to discuss whether online sessions are right for you.

Are you considering Hynotherapy?

Over the years, I have successfully provided my clients with assistance for a variety of issues, such as ongoing health conditions, weight management, to quit smoking, relaxation, performance enhancement and pain relief, in order to achieve positive change.

I'm excited to help you too.